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Even better, programs such as Malwarebytes will be crucial for getting rid of any malware you may have downloaded.There’s no such thing as a free lunch, economists like to say. If it’s too good to be true—a free pdf of that book you always wanted, or that new movie that just came out, or that TV show everyone’s talking about—you probably shouldn’t click on it.How many of us really close our laptops once we’re done with it?I don’t do it all the time, and I’m sure most don’t, either.Many webcams have indicator lights to show that it is in use, so if yours is on even when you’re not using it, it could mean someone else is.One low-tech way to ensure that you’re safe is to just cover up your webcam with a piece of tape when you’re not using it, or disconnecting it if you can.In some cases, he also asked for "performances" over Skype.

"I was hysterical, scared, violated & had NO IDEA what to do," she wrote on Facebook.On your computer, there’s a type of computer software on almost all operating systems known as Remote Access Tool (RAT).It was developed rather logically to enable IT administrators and other tech support to be able to fix another employee’s computer without having to physically go to that person’s computer. But because it’s on virtually every computer, including those of us who don’t need tech support, it can be a gateway for hackers to get access to our webcam, microphone, memory, files, speakers, and more.Usually, hackers may dupe you into installing and activating RAT with such names as Black Shades and Dark Comet through malware or other infected files from the internet.Then, once in, he has access to whatever files and images he wants, and more importantly, he’ll have time, like the recording others’ intimate moments.

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