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Common chat applications are usually browser-based and allow users to simultaneously engage in text conferencing when online.

Typically you subscribe to a chat (like MSN instant messenger), and invite other users of that system into a personal directory.

This true story follows four miners from the streets of East Lothian to the valleys of Spain.

They gave up everything they knew: for a land they did not know; for a people they had never met; and for a cause they believed was right.

20th Century Boy is a celebration of the life of Marc Bolan and his band T. Rocker, poet, electric warrior, king of glam, godfather of punk - Marc Bolan tried many styles on for size in his search to become a superstar.

And online shopping is as easy as chatting with sellers on the go!

sing goddess - sing sing goddess - sing the rage of Achilles - that sent to darkness so many - souls and glazed their eyes in death - that made their bodies carrion - for the birds and dogs to tear - their families wait forever for their coming home A fusion of storytelling, dance and song, tells of a man's exorcism: a burning out of his vulnerability, his rage, and his humanity.

Circle Studio Comedian, actor, trained classical baritone and co-host of Pointless.

Chat is a form of interactive realtime online communication also known as instant messaging in contrast to asynchronous communication methods such as email or conferencing.

The other party is at the other end of the line, like a phone.

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