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The Singles is a limited edition compilation box set of 9 CDs by Lady Gaga containing all of her physically released singles from "Just Dance" to "Alejandro" it also includes The Cherrytree Sessions with "Christmas Tree" as a bonus and fourth track.

The set was released exclusively in Japan on December 7, 2010, and had a 5000 copy release limit.

Sorbic acid is being replaced by natamycin, which Kraft says is a "natural mold inhibitor." Last October, Kraft announced it would remove artificial coloring from several Mac & Cheese varieties.

Its changes come as a growing number of Americans try to stick to diets they feel are natural.

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The ingredient, azodicarbonamide, is used by a wide variety of chains including Mc Donald's and Starbucks, but Hari said she targeted Subway because of its healthy food image.

Even though such ingredients are permitted by the Food and Drug Administration, being able to tout a product as being free of them can be a selling point.

Kraft says its cheese slices haven't used artificial flavors for many years, but that it just recently decided to advertise that aspect of the product.

"Consumers are looking for those less artificial cues and messages," said Gavin Schmidt, manager of cheese research and development at Kraft.

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