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Kylie Minogue appears in a musical number in the film.Blue released on 16 October 2009 and received mixed to positive response from critics.

Donate to suicide prevention and download the song: https://starringcaseydrane.bandcamp.com/t... By : Action Replay Added : 15 March 2017 Watch 6TV, the 24/7 Telugu news channel.

Sam arrives at Aarav's company and Sagar welcomes him happily.

In the Bahamas, one ill-fated day, when sitting in a restaurant, Sam receives a call from Gulshan on Nikki's phone, explaining that he has killed Nikki, and knows where Sam is.

Mona, Sam, and Sagar are forced to leave him there, and Sagar agrees never to come back to the Lady in Blue, after losing two people who were close to him there - his father Aadesh and his friend Aarav. Talking to them, Aarav reveals that he survived his leap into the ocean, and reveals to them that his grandfather was Captain Jagat Malhotra, the traitorous captain of the ship, Lady in Blue, who committed suicide after he was court-martialed.

Aarav never admitted to Sagar who his grandfather was, because he didn't want to dishonor his family.

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