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Baguio City is the administrative centre of the Cordillera Administration Region.

Baguio Philippines is about 250 kilometres north of the Philippine capital city of Manila. There is an enormous rage of accomodation in Baguio City.

Camp John Hay is now a magnificent tourist recreation area complete with an 18 hole golf course and world class resort. Baguio City will not disappoint you, is has so much that the rest of the Philippines cannot provide.

Baguio connects with the town of Rosario in La Union with Kennon Road.

If you are not familiar with driving in an other country and don’t want the hassle that comes with it, then arrange for a driver as well.

Hiring a car or mini van can be inexpensive is there is a group of you and you then have he option of traveling where you want to. The Journey Traveling to Baguio City by road from Manila is fairly straight forward, the fun begins when you get to the base of the Cordillera mountains.

The humidity that sucks the life out of you in other areas of the Philippines is not here.

In general it is on average a good 8 degrees C cooler than the rest of the Philippines.

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