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On a side note, what can be even hotter are everyday guys with great ass - firm, round, pinched in the middle, shelf-like.Do average people (your mail carrier, the bag boy at the supermarket, the guy in the next cube at the office) ever have porn-sized weiners? BF grew up in a strict religious family and so most think he's pretty conservative. He's hung about 10" and I'm hung about 8.5"We laugh at the times when we had met people in the past...dates, hook-ups, etc who were luke warm to us, but once they found out we were packing, they wanted to be instant boyfriends. Invariably, the guy would end up going to town on my dick, usually prefacing it with: "I don't usually do this, but..."It took me longer than it should have to realize, "Oh, I guess not everyone has a dick like mine."A friend of mine has an enormous schlong (I've seen int erect accidentally). We both get recognized for our height, but otherwise we kind of blend in.The last was 8ish, and I dated him for several months. I was always somewhat unattractive, and learned early that it was easier to be mostly content with seeing rather than having them. I'd agree that the really big ones are fewer than 1 percent - and I remember every one of them.But in my unscientific field research, truly big dicks are rare. And it's usually a surprise whose pants it will get pulled out of.

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