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Eventually, some of the features and characteristics would combine in a later instrument, one would be the predecessor not only of the guitar but of all necked string instruments, both plucked and bowed. This type of instrument continued to be in use for many years.

Further developments made this instrument even more similar in form to the guitar. There is The Carolingian instrument is rectangular, approximatively equal in lenght to its neck, the upper end of which is a wider rounded area containing small pegs for the attachment of strings.

Originally, the vihuela was associated to a small four and five-string guitarra.

At the same time, the sixteenth century saw the lute (fig.3) emerge as the favorite instrument of the aristocracy in nearly all of Europe. In this country, the lute had become associated with the Moors and their oppressive rule.

The aristocrats turned to the popular with its four double strings.

Its frets are metal, the curves along the sides have deepened and the sound hole is oval type.In the earliest days, the only plucked string instrument in Egypt was the bow-shaped harp. The rawhide soundboard is replaced with wood on which five groups of small sound holes are visible. On an instrument found in Coptic tomb in Egypt, the curves along the sides are already quite deep and the basic guitar shape is apparent.Later, a necked instrument with carefully marked frets, probably made of gut, wound about the neck. The back has become completely flat instead of it curving upward to meet the soundboard, the two surfaces are now attached to each other by strips of wood that form the sides of the soundbox. The first known European string instrument that might have had its origins here dates back to the third century A. Examination of the third century instrument shows it to have a round soundbox which tapers into a wide neck.This change affected the soundbox of the instrument, its straight sides now giving way to slight curves.Representatives of this new instrument can be found in a number of English cathedrals.

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