Debby ryan dating niall horan

"People speculated you might rekindle with, have a girlfriend, right?" Ryan told Niall."I don't have a girlfriend," Niall responded.Then Ryan immediately interjected and said, "You should rekindle with Selena.I like her."Though Niall didn't directly answer whether or not that was in the cards, at least he revealed he's single?Last night, Debby retweeted something she had said that was tweeted from her home studio's Twitter account, @Ryan River Studio, getting us very excited for the release of her album.But apparently, only three of the boys were craving the solo life, one of them never was.

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Liam is currently on the promo trail for his debut single, Harry is about to embark upon an international tour and Louis is ~teasing~ upcoming music.Finally, there has been one recent reunion there is photographic evidence of when a fan happened to run into the pair together and snagged a pic with them both. Debby and Cole might not always publicize how close they really are and brag about how often they see each other, but we all know it to be true in our hearts.It's something Debby herself confirmed back in 2011 and all these years later, they're still going strong. She also said the album, which will be released by the end of the summer, has a very unique sound to it -- not something you would typically expect from the star of the Disney Channel's hit show ."If Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and the Lumineers, and Mumford & Sons, and April Smith and the Great Picture Show, and the Hush Sound, and Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry and Tom Petty all had a baby in a carnival in the Old West, that's what the record will sound like," she said.

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