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In 1995, Di Caprio had starring roles in three very different films, beginning with Sam Raimi’s Western, “The Quick and the Dead.” He also garnered praise for his performance as drug addict Jim Carroll in the harrowing drama “The Basketball Diaries,” and for his portrayal of disturbed pansexual poet Arthur Rimbaud in Agnieszka Holland’s “Total Eclipse.” The following year, Di Caprio starred in Baz Luhrmann’s contemporary screen adaptation of “William Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet,” for which he won the Best Actor Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

He was also honored with two SAG Award® nominations, one for Best Actor and another for Outstanding Motion Picture Cast Performance as part of the “The Aviator” cast.

What you're listening to: A little bit of everything, but lately Frank Sinatra. When she isn't on TV: She's likely riding her chestnut thoroughbred Garnet or working on her artwork.

Movie you can't wait to see this summer: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2"Best thing about being on MTV: "It opens doors for you."Worst thing about being on MTV: Nothing. Where you can see her: Bartending at The Place in Boston. Follow her on Twitter or You Tube: Miss Cara Maria.

I snuck in and the bodyguards caught me and the casting director heard me talk my way out of it. Two weeks later I was in Paris, and I've been doing the shows ever since."What you're listening to: "Local artist J'YOU."The movie you can't wait to see this summer: "Oxy Morons."Best thing about being on MTV: "I don't have to wait in line as much!

"Worst thing about being on MTV: "Now I definitely appreciate my privacy more than ever."On being labeled a bad boy: "It's funny.

His breakthrough feature film role came in Michael Caton-Jones’ 1993 screen adaptation of Tobias Wolff’s autobiographical drama “This Boy’s Life.” That same year, he co-starred in Lasse Hallström’s “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” earning his first Oscar® and Golden Globe nominations for his performance as a mentally handicapped young man.

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Tamburello said it was nice having someone from this area on the show."You know someone you can relate to," said Tamburello, who studied at UMass — Lowell.To comment on stories and see what others are saying, log on to : "I decided to skip my accounting class to hand out flyers for a club I was bartending at.I ended up going to The Rack which is the Hard Rock now (in Faneuil.: She practically dared them to cast her, saying she didn't fit the usual stereotypes from their show."I am still shocked they even picked me," she said.

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