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If you want to make the petticoat reversable, or if you wish to line it with a different fabric, you will need the same amount of lining fabric as you have petticoat fabric.

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You would either want to use 60-inch wide fabric or buy an extra yard and a half of a contrasting fabric to lengthen the skirt--a very common practice during Elizabethan times.Eleanora of Toledo was buried in a Petticoat with Bodies and a gown.Only the bodice of the petticoat survives; it closed up the front with hooks and eyes and was made of velvet, lined and interlined with linen. A bodice discovered in a well in prague, and dated to the 1560s, also resembles a classic petticoat bodice.Do you want a petticoat with a bodice, or simply a skirt?Petticoats with bodies are more versatile: you can wear it alone over a smock and go about your business, rather than needing a separate top to wear with it. Skirts without bodices have a tendency to slide down or cause uncomfortable pinching, if they are tight.

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