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This tool would be an appropriate choice for DE students.

The chat/instant messaging products with the highest ratings in our comparisons to date are AOL Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

It contains limited start-up options and minimal means of controlling simultaneous users.

Participants can send and receive files during a session, but cannot archive the text chats. MSN Messenger provides some basic chat features, and features audio communication.

It contains limited start-up options and minimal user control of participants.

Users cannot send and receive files nor archive chats. Sonork is designed for use by work-groups on an intranet, but is easily adaptable to the Internet.

Jennifer Stein, Debbie Garber and Jon Baggaley MDE Programme Centre for Distance Education Athabasca University - Canada's Open University Text-based conferencing can be both asynchronous (i.e., participants log into the conference at separate times), and synchronous (i.e., interaction takes place in real time).

It is thus subject to the same wide variation as the online audio- and video-conferencing methods (see the earlier Reports in this series).

In addition, new products continually emerge, and old ones disappear.In selecting products as the standards for DE delivery, it is often preferable to identify good stand-alone applications that can be used in parallel with one another.This approach allows educators to replace individual products if needed, without causing serious inconvenience to students.Installation is more cumbersome than with other instant messaging tools. [At time of publication, this product appears to be no longer available.Sonork is easy to use once installed but its chat area is cumbersome and may be difficult for new users to master. We have retained our evaluation of it in this report, however, owing to the unique potential of “co-browsing” in DE (see Excite above), and as a reminder to identify an alternative product.] Tourbar was a specialty “co-browsing” tool – potentially valuable for DE students and instructors wishing to lead each other on web site “excursions.” The user was able to program solo “web tours,”group tours, or become a tour guide (‘Master Surfer’).

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